Hilary anderson

Hilary Anderson BA Hons, Art and Design. Professional artist since 1997, working in the fields of Drawing, Painting, Jewellery and Textiles.

Her work engages with the evidence of man’s occupation of the land, mainly on the Penwith peninsula, both on its surface and beneath. The steep hillsides and narrow valleys are indented with shafts, vents and tracks, now mostly hidden by gorse and bracken. Trails zig-zag between spoil tips, old workings and former settlements – evidence of thousands of years of occupation. It is their patterns and colours, ever changing with the caprices of the Cornish climate, which fascinate her.

The starting point for the work is recorded from direct observations of the subjects – she is always pursuing that elusive image which seems to slip through between memory, hand and eye, something just out of reach.

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