Philip trevennen

From a young age Philip always had a passion for photography. This goes back to the days when he joined the school camera club and became fascinated with developing and printing black and white photos.
He saved up for his first ‘serious’ camera whilst in his mid-teens, even declining an invitation from a friend to spend a holiday with his family in Alaska. (Where during that holiday his friends’ parents entertained an American President, during a visit to the oilfields!)
His photography remained a passion, but this didn’t turn into a career even though he gained a placement to study photography at Art College.
This all changed when Philip decided to leave the family farming business as he felt it wasn’t for him. So it was mid- career break time…. This was in the form of a round the world trip for walkabout…
When Philip was asked by his friends what was he going to do when he returned he joked that he was going to climb to the top of Ayers Rock (Uluru), listen to U2’s Joshua tree and decide then… and that is what happened! That was back in 1990 and shortly afterwards Philip became a professional photographer, His travel work has been placed in a London image library and he has spent 4 years in China. He was also teaching English there (where he met his wife, Annie and his son Nicholas was born). His work appeared in national papers, including photos of St. Michael’s Mount. Whilst in China he also had 2 exhibitions – one in Guangzhou where he was living and the second in Hong Kong.
Philip returned to Penzance just before 2000 but sadly died before his time in early 2015.Working with his widow Annie, the Alverton Gallery is proud to keep Philip’s work in the public eye where it undoubtedly belongs.
Philip only used professional Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses. ‘I take over 10,000 images a year and need my equipment to be 100% reliable and in all sorts of conditions, whether it’s high in The Alps with sub zero temperatures, in the humidity of Southern China or in the full blast of an Atlantic storm. It’s what my clients expect. Reliability with the finest optical quality. That also goes for all materials used in post production, including archival mount board and frames’

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