Sue howells

Sue has been active in the market place for several years now, and has a reputation as one of the top selling artists in the UK.

Born in Birmingham in 1948, her painting career started at a late stage. In 1982 she took a course in watercolour painting and the seed was set. Soon she was selling paintings in local galleries, interior design studios, even restaurants. In 1992 she was elected member of Birmingham Watercolour Society and the Birmingham Art Circle.

Sue became an Associate Member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 1994. After attending a foundation course in art at Bourneville College of Art in 2000, she was elected a full member of Society of Women Artists in 2001.

Her paintings have many influences, but it comes down to her intense curiosity towards nature, producing strong images, by exploring the many facets of watercolour.

She regularly visit Wales and Italy for ideas for new work. She likes the variations in light and changes in landscapes and colours to produce the moods her works.

Sue now has a reputation as one of the top selling artists in the UK, providing work for Harrods and John Lewis, as well as for galleries abroad – from the USA to New Zealand. She also provides paintings for TV programs and advertisements. In 2014 she exhibited as part of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

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