“In the West” – Laura Hodgson Exhibition – August 2014

August 2, 2014 to August 31, 2014Alverton Gallery

Laura Hodgson returns to The Alverton Gallery for an August showing of her atmospheric paintings of the cliffs and moors near Botallack.
She writes:

‘I love how the world continually forms, dissolves and reforms as we watch. I am driven to recapture this entrancing play of detail, texture and colour – I love to create a surface that moves and changes with the viewers’ eye, where both deliberate detail and spontaneous impression are united by the natural evolution of media on canvas.

My work is about the sensation of place, often exploring an enclosed area – where despite a humble location such as a hedgerow, the variety of lichens, mosses, grasses and bursting clouds of blooms provide a delightful tangle of subjects. This season I have been chasing summer colours, sketching outdoors and enjoying the sense of nearness to the earth, insects and wonderful growing things; I have tried to express this physically on to my canvas surface, along with carving out the essence of ancient granite, and conjuring wide summer skies. My home area near Botallack provides a rich and lovely resource.’

With her unique visual language, using gel and metallic acrylics, she conjures the openness and wildness of her subject and presents us with memorable reminders of this wonderful landscape.

Exhibition runs August 2nd to 31st, Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.

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