Chris Tate Artist – St Mary’s over the Dry Dock

SOLD! “St Mary’s over the Dry Dock” by Chris Tate artist, gallery price £650. Nice way to round off the Tatescape exhibition.

More about Chris from his website:

Christopher James Tate graduated from Falmouth School of Art with an honours degree in Illustration in 2004; he grew up and was educated in Cornwall and has developed a strong reputation as a Cornish artist with a distinctive style and vision. Chris is particularly interested in architecture and the built environment. He feels his work is inspired by reportage styles – painting as storytelling.

“Cornwall for me isn’t just about the sea; it’s about the towns, villages and random buildings.”

He’s fascinated by different materials and the ways in which buildings age and tell their own story.

As well as Cornwall he has painted in a number of towns and cities including:

  • Venice
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • London
  • Cambridge
 Christopher’s exhibitions include… The Lander Gallery Truro since 2004, 49 Gallery Falmouth, The Illustration Gallery Stroud and Open Studios throughout Cornwall.

Laura Hodgson artist – Across the Moor

SOLD! Laura Hodgson artist – “Across The Moor”.

Laura Hodgson artist lives in Botallack close to the Geevor Tin Mine which has been the focus of much recent activity in the filming of the BBC’s second series of Poldark.

Laura has been painting all her life and uses a striking blend of oils and acrylics to produce highly original paintings of her beloved Cornish landscape. Her favourite locations include Kenidjack Carn, Trencrom Hill and the area surrounding Pendeen and Zennor.

Laura has already built up a successful sales record at the Alverton Gallery and is most certainly one to watch. Another Botallack artist, Hilary Anderson, lives next door to Laura; Hilary’s work can also be seen at the Alverton Gallery.

Craft Fusion – Gregg Anston Race

Gregg Anston-Race from Craft Fusion came into the Gallery to drop off some his BRAND NEW range! Here he is with one of his towers which takes 72 hours to fire in the kiln having already spent many hours selecting and mixing of various materials to get the truly unique finish we can see here.

More about Craft Fusion from their website:

Craft Fusion handmade kiln formed art glass is designed and created by leading Cornish glass artist Gregg Anston-Race, whose work has inspired many other artists working in fused glass.

The glass that Gregg produces at the Craft Fusion studio echo’s the rich colours of his native Cornish home and glistens with the clear light that has always drawn artist to this part of the country.  Gregg also incorporates in some of his work the natural minerals that are formed deep in the ground in Cornwall which helped to create its rich mining history.

Gregg is always experimenting with new techniques and looking to invoke new ways of working with the glass, achieving effects that are sometimes unique to his work, e.g. the beautiful iridescences that is found in some of his glass with mineral inclusions, this is formed by a process known only to Gregg and was inspired by the lovely colours found in the copper ore mineral Bornite also known as Peacock ore.

Glass has a wonderful tactile quality to it, that can only be appreciated when it is handled, we have done our best to photograph the glass  on this site in a way that helps to convey this, but nothing can quite compare to feeling it’s smooth cool surface or seeing the light reflected within it.

Craft Fusion can work with you to create contemporary commissions for your home and business, from splashbacks to stunning wall art, there is no limit on your or our imagination.