Ca ponckle

An eccentric and popular character on the Westcountry arts scene, Ponckle Fletcher was well-known for her gallery on Island Square in St Ives, which was the scene of a prolific artistic career which resulted in commercial success all over the country and internationally. Ponckle’s Gallery was also the social hub of the artistic community in the Cornish seaside town with a rich cultural heritage going back to the 1950s. Ponckle was born in Chingford in 1934, the oldest girl of five siblings. From an early age, she was clearly the black sheep of the family and her life went in an entirely different direction to the rest of her family. At 17, she met and fell in love with well-known jazz pianist and arranger Ken Moule, who immediately renamed her ‘Ponckle’ (a name she kept for the rest of her life, eventually changing it by deed poll) and asked her to marry him. He also recorded a song in her honour, Son of Ponckle. She later moved to Paris, where she worked as a stylist for the Katherine Dunham Dance Company. Her constant restlessness led to divorce from Ken Moule. Ponckle then married photographer Trevor Clark in 1964 and had two sons, Gavin and Jake. They all moved to Mallorca in 1969, where Trevor became a travel photographer. Ponckle was his stylist and she also began making large fabric collage portraits.

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