Janet groves

Born in Birmingham in 1942 and moved to Cornwall in 1969. Married with two grown up children.
Largely self-taught but studied watercolour at Penzance Art School under the late Colin Scott, a wonderful teacher, sadly missed, who inspired me to see another side to the everyday.
I work in watercolour, oil, pastel, egg tempera, almost always in figurative style and with a fair degree of detail, particularly when working in egg tempera. Most of the work is drawn deeply from the imagination. In particular I chronicle in egg tempera and gold leaf (a bit of a medieval thing) the adventures of Edgar Nevermore, Raven Extraordinaire. Edgar wears a variety of golden crowns, almost always sits on a silken cushion and eats cherries.. or sometimes strawberries.. or even apricots. Of late, I have been embellishing his crowns with semi-precious gemstones.
I have exhibited widely, including the Royal Academy, London, The Mall Galleries, London, the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, the South West Academy and the West of England Academy.
I am represented in Penzance by the Alverton Gallery and am an elected member of the prestigious Birmingham Art Circle, which was founded in 1879 by Walter Langley and others.

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