Sarah vivian

Sarah studied Education, Art, and Craft, and followed the craft avenue professionally. She set up a business in 1977 as a craft weaver, and later had her own gallery in Dawlish. Despite always wanting to paint, Sarah has only been able to paint full time for her income since 1998.

Sarah writes – “My painting is an expression of my love of the land here in West Penwith , my connection with the beauty and power of the landscape. Building up layers of paint is like feeling for the substance of visual reality, layer upon layer of depth from solid shadow through to refracted light and surface shine. Beyond that, I also try to express the magic or earth energy, the essence, or resonance of a place, a stone, a tree. I look for the symmetries & similarities of patterns, the inherent fractals of growth & movement, and emphasise these. For the paintings to have a strong visual, emotional & spiritual impact, I paint with meticulous detail & in a heightened and intensified manner.
I love the qualities of oil paint, which enable me to build up complex layers of colour and texture, combining classic technical methods of “thin to fat & dark to light”, with Pre-Raphaelite painting techniques of layers of thin translucent glazes on a brilliant white ground.”

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