No Photoshop Here!

27th March 2018Alverton Gallery

Slovakian photographer Andrej Duricek knows nothing of Photoshop, a fact of which the judges of the Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition were unaware when awarding him first prize in their recent “Black and White Street Photography” contest for his image “Paris Two.”

Paris 2 by Andrej Duricek

Andrej works as a journalist, based in his home city of Bratislava “I’m not a photographer by profession,” he explains. “But photography has been my passion for more than two decades. I love to take pictures of nature, trees, flowers and also people in the streets. Every time I go out there is something interesting, I just need to walk with open eyes and heart. I’m not a very technical man, I know nothing about Photoshop. I started with a Praktica SLR film camera so I well understand about shutter speeds and apertures. I’m also now equipped with three Olympus cameras; two PENs (EP-M1 and E-PL6), one OMD EM-10 and a selection of lenses.”

“I was impressed by Paris Two from the moment I saw the image,” comments Roger Driscoll, owner of the Alverton Gallery and joint host of the contest. “The identical twins in the photo are so distinctive, with their matching dark beards and intent facial expressions. It’s a dream image for most street photographers.”

Andrej lives in Bratislava with his wife, two teenage daughters and small dog. Many of his photos were taken on family outings and holidays. To see more of Andrej’s work please visit his Facebook page:

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