Relaunch of Alverton Gallery Website – Ancient Sites

Following the closure of the “bricks and mortar” aspect of the Alverton Gallery we are pleased to announce the relaunch of the gallery website as a showcase for images of ancient sites.

Here are the submission guidelines for any artists and photographers wishing to take part:

“This is a non-profit making website showcasing top images of prehistoric sites in Britain, Europe and the Rest of the World. If you would like us to feature your work please submit six sample images by email to for our consideration.
We always reply to submissions, usually within seven days.
All photos submitted must be the original work of the person making the submission, who must be the copyright-holder. The person making the submission is responsible for ensuring that all permissions and releases have been obtained in respect of any image (s) submitted. On this basis, for any image accepted by us, the artist/photographer will at all times retain copyright to his/her work and we will attribute the image to the copyright-holder. Any image posted on our site will be around 1000 pixels on the longest side. In addition to including the image(s) on this website we will also post the image (s) on our social media, again with attribution, but we will not use the image (s) for any other purpose. We do not raise any charges or commission for this service but we will be happy to include weblinks to the copyright-holder’s own website and/or social media.
Because we are only showcasing images of ancient sites, we will not accept any image unless it features an ancient site in some way. Initially we didn’t think it necessary to define an ancient site, however we’ve received a few “spoof” submissions so, for those who don’t know, here goes. We are following an archaeological meaning of “ancient site” which pretty much means any human-made structure or monument constructed during the period of prehistory for the country in which the site is located. For instance, in the UK prehistory is the period before the Roman Invasion in 43 AD. Thus, taking Wiltshire as an example, Stonehenge IS an ancient site but Salisbury Cathedral is NOT (even though it’s quite old.)
If an image features an ancient site, as above, then it qualifies. The ancient site itself doesn’t have to dominate the image, just so long as it’s in there somewhere…
Now of course there will be some grey areas, for example the Great Wall of China had it origins in prehistory but is by no means wholly prehistoric. No doubt we will continue to receive submissions along the lines “here is a portrait of my dog, he is an ancient sight” and, whilst no one likes a good laugh more than we do, any such submissions will be rejected…
Many thanks!”

Alverton Gallery to Close Thursday 20 September 2018

With great regret I must announce that I have decided to let go of the Alverton Gallery with an official closing date of Thursday 20 September 2018. I take this opportunity to pass on my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported the gallery since I took over in May 2015.

I will be selling various display items including jewellery display cabinets, browsers, easels, bookcases and other items of furniture. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these items please contact me on 01736 351668 or

With very best wishes

Roger Driscoll

No Photoshop Here!

Slovakian photographer Andrej Duricek knows nothing of Photoshop, a fact of which the judges of the Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition were unaware when awarding him first prize in their recent “Black and White Street Photography” contest for his image “Paris Two.”

Paris 2 by Andrej Duricek

Andrej works as a journalist, based in his home city of Bratislava “I’m not a photographer by profession,” he explains. “But photography has been my passion for more than two decades. I love to take pictures of nature, trees, flowers and also people in the streets. Every time I go out there is something interesting, I just need to walk with open eyes and heart. I’m not a very technical man, I know nothing about Photoshop. I started with a Praktica SLR film camera so I well understand about shutter speeds and apertures. I’m also now equipped with three Olympus cameras; two PENs (EP-M1 and E-PL6), one OMD EM-10 and a selection of lenses.”

“I was impressed by Paris Two from the moment I saw the image,” comments Roger Driscoll, owner of the Alverton Gallery and joint host of the contest. “The identical twins in the photo are so distinctive, with their matching dark beards and intent facial expressions. It’s a dream image for most street photographers.”

Andrej lives in Bratislava with his wife, two teenage daughters and small dog. Many of his photos were taken on family outings and holidays. To see more of Andrej’s work please visit his Facebook page:

Street Photography – Rob Pearson-Wright

Rob Pearson-Wright’s creative approach earned him much praise from the judges of the Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition as well as second prize in their recent “Black and White Street Photography” contest for his image “Getting Ready for my Close Up.”

Street Photography by Rob Pearson Wright

Rob is an amateur photographer from London. He’s dabbled in a range of pursuits from music production to illustration but there was always an interest in photography. He always believed he had a reasonably good eye for composition and took decent snapshots but, when he bought his first iPhone in 2010, his point and shoot cameras found themselves gathering dust.

Following a mobile photography class in the local college in 2012 his passion for photography was properly ignited and he found his true voice for artistic expression. A short video on street photography using an iPhone by Richard Koci Hernandez showed Rob how street photography could convey visual story telling in a way that hadn’t occurred to him before. He was hooked.

The nature of mobile photography lent itself well to street photography, allowing him to get close to subjects without changing their behaviour. It’s this behaviour that fascinates him – the stories he can imply with a single image. His best work contains a carousel of characters, mainly on the streets of London.

A chance encounter with a friend and a mirrorless camera broadened his horizons and he can now be found strolling the streets of London looking for his next great shot with either his iPhone or his beloved Fujifilm X-T1 set to silent.

Rob’s style is mostly naturalistic, with a penchant for black and white as it strips back all the distractions and focusses the viewer on the subject and their story.  Shooting in RAW wherever possible, his edits in Lightroom and Photoshop are usually subtle. The incredible array of apps for the iPhone have made it a pleasure to shoot, edit and share on the move. The X-T1 complements this seamlessly as he can transfer any shots to the digital darkroom in his pocket wirelessly.

Rob’s influences include the brash New York photographer Bruce Gilden, as well as the more classic photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus, Joel Meyerowitz and Robert Capa.

Rob’s work has featured in exhibitions around the world and he has won or featured in numerous competitions in both mobile and DSLR categories.  He was the 2014 mobile category winner of the Terry O’Neill photography award and has had his work projected 20 feet high against the walls of the deconsecrated Santo Stefano al Ponte church in the heart of Florence.


“Fountain Dancers” by Barry Bellovin

Congratulations to Barry Bellovin whose image “Fountain Dancers” received an Honourable Mention in our recent “Black and White Street Photography” Competition.  

Street Photography by Barry Bellovin

This vibrant “slice of life” image was taken near the Hudson River, New York City, on July 19, 2017

“Taiwan Night Market” by Jeremiah Gilbert

Congratulations to Jeremiah Gilbert whose image “Taiwan Night Market” received an Honourable Mention in our recent “Black and White Street Photography” Competition.  

Street Photography by Jeremiah Gilbert

The judges particularly liked the use of focus and the closeness of the subject in the shot; an image of this high quality can only be achieved by someone well-practised in the art of street photography.

Jeremiah Gilbert’s Website

“Come to Me” by Federico Odello

Congratulations to Federico Odello whose image “Come to Me” received an Honourable Mention in our recent “Black and White Street Photography” Competition.  

Street Photography by Federico Odello

The photo was taken in Krakow, Poland in Aug 2017 and the judges loved the theme of innocence and multi-culturalism.

“Church Bazaar” by Colin Page

Congratulations to Colin Page whose image “Church Bazaar” received an Honourable Mention in our recent “Black and White Street Photography” Competition.  

Street Photography by Colin Page

The photo was taken on the streets of East London and raises more questions than it answers!




“Prayers on Wings” by Anil Purohit

Congratulations to Anil Purohit whose image “Prayers on Wings” received an Honourable Mention in our recent “Black and White Street Photography” Competition.  

Street Photography by Anil Purohit

This photo was taken in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, in 2018 and has been one of our best received entries in terms of social media feedback.