“Deserted Places” Photo Contest

Deserted Places Photo Contest

Exciting news about our next photo contest. Following our previous successes we have secured the support of six sponsors resulting in a greatly increased prize bundle with a first place prize of £2,000 and a range of other awards. Our next contest will run from 8 August to 11 September 2017 with the theme “Deserted Places.” Whilst this theme is open to interpretation, we would particularly like to see images of urban or rural decay such as disused buildings, derelict sites, abandoned cemeteries, ancient ruins, “haunted houses” and the like. So get snapping but don’t have nightmares

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Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition


Cornwall Photo Contest

Mazey Day 2017 at the Alverton Gallery – Guest Artist Rachael J Baker

As part of Penzance’s Mazey Day celebrations, Penryn artist RJ Baker will have a guest spot at the Alverton Gallery from 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday 24 June 2017.

Rachael Baker Artist

Rachael J Baker is a painter living and working in Cornwall. Her BA in Fine Art was received from Cambridge School of Art, and since then she has produced and sold work abroad as far as Australia, as well as exhibiting locally and selling work at the hugely successful Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta in 2014.

RJ Baker paints landscapes and seascapes inspired by the Cornish coastline, as well as having previously explored the concept of Orientalism, inspired by travels in Asia.

Not only has she created artwork in various countries around the world painting en plein air, but also in portraiture and illustration.

She currently works on the theme of boats and seascapes portraying energy and emotion through colour, taking inspiration from her local surroundings.

Alverton Penzance “No Label” Open Theme Photographic Competition

We are pleased to announce that our new photo contest “No Label” launches today. This time we will be running an open theme contest in which pretty much “anything goes” – aerial, architecture, black and white, cityscapes, conceptual, creative, fine art, film, landscape, macro/close-up, nature and wildlife, portrait, seascapes, urban, street, sports, travel, underwater and many more – take your pic!
In addition to cash prizes and certificates for the top three winning entries, as before the best ten photos will be printed, framed and mounted at no cost to the photographer and displayed within the gallery for thirty days. The same images will be displayed on the gallery’s website and social media.
Any photo taken anywhere in the world within the past two years will qualify for entry, subject to a small number of exceptions as set out in our contest rules.

Entry fees apply; please click here for the competition rules and details of how to enter.
The “No Label” contest will run from 25 February 2017 to 3 April 2017.
Please email your submissions to PenzanceSubmissions@Gmail.com 

We wish you the best of luck and hope to see your work in the gallery.

Cornwall photo contest

Alverton Gallery Refurbishment

Introducing the new-look Alverton Gallery following the recent refurb and makeover. Exterior works to be completed on 5 March, weather permitting.

Art Galleries Cornwall

Sarah Vivian Exhibition – “Landscape – In Detail”

Sarah Vivian Artist Cornwall

Penwith landscape artist Sarah Vivian is a woman with an impressive artistic heritage including her great grandfather, Thomas Comley Vivian, a well known portrait painter whose clients included the Prince Regent.  Her great grandmother, Elizabeth Farquhar, also exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1867 and 1914.  “It was extremely rare for a woman to have a professional artistic career at that time, but as a child she had the advantage of access to the studio of her uncle, George Cruickshank, who illustrated for Charles Dickens,” explains Sarah.  “I still use my great grandmother’s mahl stick, a time tested tool for steadying the hand of artists during precision painting techniques, to create my own miniatures on a large scale.”

Coming from a long line of professional artists stretching back over three generations, Sarah carries on a family passion for all things miniature.  “It would appear my preoccupation with meticulous detail is a genetic inheritance!” she jokes. Using her dazzling palette of oil colours, Sarah’s method of painting also harks back to an earlier time.  To create strong visual and emotional impact, she paints with great detail and in a heightened and intensified manner, building up complex layers of colour and texture, combining classic technical methods of “thin to fat and dark to light” with Pre-Raphaelite painting techniques layering thin translucent glazes on a brilliant white background.

“I’m delighted to be exhibiting the work of such a prominent local artist,” says Roger Driscoll,  Director of the Alverton Gallery in Penzance.  “Sarah truly captures the spiritual nature of West Cornwall so effortlessly.  Her attention to intricate detail and colour creates unique paintings with a magical, hyper-real quality.”

Sarah Vivian Artist Cornwall

Sarah Vivian Artist Cornwall – Forthcoming Exhibition at the Alverton Gallery, Penzance 14 September to 29 October 2016.

St Michael’s Mount

Wendy Parkyn’s representation of “St Michael’s Mount” sold today. She’s new to the gallery having been here for just over a month.

Wendy Parkyn is a self-taught artist who moved to Cornwall in 1990 having developed her passion for art and beginning her career on her home island of Jersey.

She prefers to paint outdoors and uses a variety of mediums in her work. When not painting she also teaches art privately and as part of the Adult Education Service.

She is a member of the Absurdists Group.

“Forgotten Field” by Laura Hodgson

Laura Hodgson’s “Forgotten Field” may have left the gallery but we will remember it very fondly. In addition to her paintings already for sale on our website, we have new paintings by her on our gallery walls and soon these will be available to view and buy online as well.

Laura lives in West Cornwall and her paintings capture the rugged and varied landscapes which surround her. Through her application of paint she creates a unique and textured finish to her vibrant and varied paintings.

Here is the press release for our forthcoming exhibition of Laura Hodgson paintings entitled “Painting a Tapestry of West Penwith.”

Talk to Botallack artist, Laura Hodgson, about what inspires her wonderful landscape paintings of West Penwith and you notice that she threads words more associated with textiles, than painting, into her conversation. She talks about “stitching togethertraditional elements” and seeing the countryside as a “wonderful living tapestry”.

“Delve under the surface of these phrases…” comments Roger Driscoll, Director at the Alverton Gallery in Penzance, “…and you will find that Laura’s work is influenced by childhood memories of her equally talented mother, Chris Maunder, an inspiring textile artist and printmaker.” Laura remembers being surrounded by beautiful fabrics and embroidery as a youngster and has no doubt herself that this plays an enormous part in her approach to her own painting.

“I can remember looking at the weaves in fabrics and being fascinated by the detail, colours and textures created,” Laura explains. “In my own paintings, I love tiny details; the minute texture of ancient granite and its lichen and mosses, or the delicate structure of skeletal seed heads in Autumn. Such observations are crucial elements in my paintings of ancient pathways, field systems and hedges.” Laura incorporates threadlike lines in relief, which adds energy and further complexity to her atmospheric reflections of how Cornish heritage and history still influences Penwith’s dynamic and ever-changing landscape today.

Entitled “Painting a Tapestry of West Penwith’, Laura’s exhibition runs at The Alverton Gallery from June 7th to 29th July 2016 Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5 pm


“Below Pendeen” by Stewart Kent

We sent off “Below Pendeen” by Stewart Kent to it’s new home up country today. As it would happen Stewart has been busy painting and has brought in four beautiful new pieces for the gallery, details to follow soon!

Stewart is a largely self-taught artist, whose fondness for fishing boats and harbour scenes has led him to having his work exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists in London, so many of his paintings have been snapped up by visitors that his works now form part of private collections all over the world.
He paints en plein air, in the great outdoors and said: “It has its drawbacks, of course, but I enjoy the challenge. I’ve had my easel blown over more times than I can count, and have been so engrossed in what I’m doing that I’ve nearly been cut off by the tide.”

Steve Slimm on Fine Art America

Sarah Vivian Joins The Alverton Gallery

We are delighted to announce that St Just artist Sarah Vivian has joined the Alverton Gallery’s growing list of talented artists. Sarah needs no introduction to anyone familiar with the West Penwith art scene. We have two of Sarah’s originals on display together with a selection of over thirty of her fine quality mounted prints. Sarah writes:

“My painting is an expression of my love of the land here in West Penwith, my connection with the beauty and power of the landscape. Building up layers of paint is like feeling for the substance of visual reality, layer upon layer of depth from solid shadow through to refracted light and surface shine. Beyond that, I also try to express the magic or earth energy, the essence, or resonance of a place, a stone, a tree. I look for the symmetries and similarities of patterns, the inherent fractals of growth and movement, and emphasise these. For the painting to have a strong visual, emotional and spiritual impact I paint with meticulous detail and in a heightened and intensified manner. I love the qualities of oil paint, which enable me to build up complex layers of colour and texture, combining classic technical methods of “thin to fat and dark to light” with Pre-Raphaelite painting techniques of layers of thin translucent glazes on a brilliant white background. My studio is perfect, as it is light and bright, with a view directly over the sea; on a clear day I can see the Isles of Scilly, and I have a ringside view of all our wonderful sunsets. My garden is also perfect; a quiet little sanctuary with goldfish and a waterfall.”

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