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This is a non-profit making website showcasing top images of prehistoric sites in Britain, Europe and the Rest of the World. If you would like us to feature your work please submit six sample images by email to for our consideration.
We always reply to submissions, usually within seven days.

All photos submitted must be the original work of the person making the submission, who must be the copyright-holder. The person making the submission is responsible for ensuring that all permissions and releases have been obtained in respect of any image (s) submitted. On this basis, for any image accepted by us, the artist/photographer will at all times retain copyright to his/her work and we will attribute the image to the copyright-holder. Any image posted on our site will be around 1000 pixels on the longest side. In addition to including the image(s) on this website we will also post the image (s) on our social media, again with attribution, but we will not use the image (s) for any other purpose. We do not raise any charges or commission for this service but we will be happy to include weblinks to the copyright-holder’s own website and/or social media.


Because we are only showcasing images of ancient sites, we will not accept any image unless it features an ancient site in some way. Initially we didn’t think it necessary to define an ancient site, however we’ve received a few “spoof” submissions so, for those who don’t know, here goes. We are following an archaeological meaning of “ancient site” which pretty much means any human-made structure or monument constructed during the period of prehistory for the country in which the site is located. For instance, in the UK prehistory is the period before the Roman Invasion in 43 AD. Thus, taking Wiltshire as an example, Stonehenge IS an ancient site but Salisbury Cathedral is NOT (even though it’s quite old.)
If an image features an ancient site, as above, then it qualifies. The ancient site itself doesn’t have to dominate the image, just so long as it’s in there somewhere…
Now of course there will be some grey areas, for example the Great Wall of China had it origins in prehistory but is by no means wholly prehistoric. No doubt we will continue to receive submissions along the lines “here is a portrait of my dog, he is an ancient sight” and, whilst no one likes a good laugh more than we do, any such submissions will be rejected…
Many thanks!