How to Find Sperris Quoit from Zennor Quoit, West Cornwall

11th October 2016Alverton Gallery

How to find Sperris Quoit.

Visitors to Zennor Quoit, Cornwall, may also notice on the map another nearby ancient site – Sperris Quoit. I spent many years trying to find the far smaller Sperris Quoit and having recently succeeded I decided to share my knowledge here. So, if you stand with your back to Zennor Quoit, facing roughly in the direction of St Ives, you will see a cluster of standing stones and if you look over to your left you will see a rocky outcrop. As can be seen from the photograph, Sperris Quoit is visible from Zennor Quoit but only just!

How to Find Sperris Quoit

From the same vantage point you will also see, near Zennor Quoit, the remains of an old gateway and, in the distance, a ruined mine building:

Find Sperris 6

To get to Sperris Quoit you begin by going through the old gateway then following the path to the old mine building – about 220 paces. Once at the ruined building you follow the path to the right:

How to Find Sperris Quoit

About 130 paces along that path you will come to a small tree:

Find Sperris 2

At the small tree take an IMMEDIATE right aross the top of the rocky outcrop. As you approach the edge of the outcrop you will see Sperris Quoit nestling among the bracken; it is in the very centre of this photograph:

Find Sperris 7

You’ll know when you’ve arrived at Sperris Quoit because it looks like this:

Find Sperris 8

Another point to note about Sperris Quoit is that is it in near alignment with Zennor Quoit and the large engine house on the horizon known as “Ding Dong” as shown in this photo:

Find Sperris 3

Which makes Ding Dong another helpful point of reference. Hope this is useful and happy Sperris hunting!

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