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23rd September 2017Alverton Gallery

Finnish photographer Janne Kahila always strives to push the boundaries when discovering that perfect landscape shot. Janne’s determined approach earned him much praise from the judges of the Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition as well as second prize in their recent “Deserted Places” contest for his image “Tilted in Time.”

Janne Kahila Photographer


“By day I work as a solution consultant in a cool software company,” says Janne. “But I’m also a keen traveller and passionate photographer. I spend most of my holidays searching for new fascinating locations to travel to and my spare time is spent editing the photos I have taken from these trips. Lately I’ve been mostly exploring the northern Europe like Scotland, Faroe Islands and especially Norway, which is my favorite due to its great mountains and proximity to Finland.

“My technical day-job and photography go surprisingly well together as my analytical mindset and meticulous touch come handy in both fields. I’m self-taught and over the years I have developed my own techniques both in the field and in post-processing that have carved my style into what it is today. Characterised by the attention to details and technical variety, I really enjoy discovering new challenging methods that help me in achieving my vision. Another side of photography that drives my passion forward are the great vistas and memorable travels that inspire me to push my skills and vision further. I love wandering outdoors and climbing the mountains to reach for even better landscapes. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills by exploring new tricks and techniques in search for the perfect photograph.”

Janne Kahila Photography

“It’s difficult to imagine a more compelling subject for abandoned places photography,” comments Roger Driscoll, owner of the Alverton Gallery and joint host of the contest. “Janne tells me that the photo features  an old abandoned sauna building, that was built on top of a small rock. Now the sauna is severely tilted and worn over time and looks quite forlorn. If anyone were to try to enter, it would probably fall over.”

Janne Kahila Photography


“I shoot with Canon gear ,” Janne explains. “My camera being the old but trustworthy 6D that has seen many places and performed well. Other essentials in my kit are a sturdy (but light) Velbon tripod and a good set of ND and GND filters. I have a special interest in ultra-wide angle images, which is why my go-to lens that I use 90% of the time is the 16-35mm f/2.8 II from Canon. But I often want to go even wider so I have started taking panoramas extensively which is currently my main niche I try to master. Going ultra-wide opens up new photographic possibilities and I also like the challenge in it – it’s not easy producing a natural looking perspective when going above 180 degrees’ field of view while simultaneously combining exposures to keep the dynamic range in order. The greater the challenge the greater the reward!”

A framed and mounted print of Tilted in Time will be exhibited at the Alverton Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall UK during October 2017 along with the first and third prizes in the gallery’s “Deserted Places” competition.

For further examples of Janne’s work please check out his website and social media:

Website: www.jkahilaphotography.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jkahilaphotography

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jkahilaphotography


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