The best photos can be right there on your doorstep

23rd June 2017Alverton Gallery

Many serious photographers will travel hundreds of miles for that perfect picture. However the best photos can often be found only a short walk or drive from home. Lucie Averill admits to being more fortunate than some in terms of her location, a factor no doubt borne in mind by the judges of the Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition when they awarded her  second prize in their recent “Month of May” contest for her  image “Celebration.” In addition Lucie was awarded an Honourable Mention for “Spring Cliffs.”


“I have lived in West Cornwall for 30 years,” says Lucie. “And much of my work is a direct response to the landscape around me. Over the years I have revisited a number of locations close to home that hold a particular resonance for me and I am fascinated by the way the changing seasons, weather and light continually redefine a familiar place. Often I am out early in the morning and after the sun has set. I find shooting before sunrise and after sunset results in longer exposures – smoothing the water or blurring the clouds in a more abstract and painterly way. Often the colours are more subtle and enable me to create a sense of place rather than purely a reality image.”

“We all try for those perfect sunrise and sunset shots,” comments Roger Driscoll, owner of the Alverton Gallery and joint host of the contest. “Lucie produces stunning images on an almost daily basis. Am I jealous? Yes!”

The Penzance to Scilly ferry forms the story behind Lucie’s Silver Award-winning entry. “My firework image shows the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Scillonian III,” she says. “It was taken after sunset and a 1.6 second shutter speed captured the colours of the sparks, the reflections on the boats in the foreground and the illuminated Scillonian III in the background. In my image of the thrift along the cliffs at Godrevy Lighthouse, a 20 second exposure enabled me to highlight the flowers and also slow down and smooth the water so it became more glass-like.”

Lucie Averill Photographer Cornwall

For further examples of Lucie’s work please check out her social media:

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